The Art Box Collection is a global artistic branding collective which originated in Berlin, Germany. We are a multi-awarded artistic branding collective who design and manufacture ultra-luxurious, exquisite personalized experiences and artistic branding solutions. The ABC captures and tells stories in emotional ways.

Challenge us with your needs and let us come up with a solution. In the tradition of "form follows function" and "structure follows strategy," we work under the guiding principle "medium follows content." We start with the content and the core message. We then develop a product concept that combines material, art and form, based on your preferences and interests. Whether you prefer an analogue or a digital product - we will find the perfect solution for your story and branding needs.

After providing an original concept, we will create a mock up including all aspects of the execution. The specific work on the content, including the respective artistic elements, is crucial to each project that we produce. We respond to our customers’ input in every way possible, throughout the entire process.

Please contact us to discuss opportunities to transform your marketing message.

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