The Art Box Collection is a global artistic branding collective which originated in Berlin, Germany. We are a multi-awarded artistic branding collective who design and manufacture ultra-luxurious, exquisite personalized experiences and artistic branding solutions. The ABC captures and tells stories in emotional ways.


Check out one of our creations, the adidas – All Blacks (New Zealand Rugby Union) Anniversary Box, an art box celebrating one of the most fruitful and globally successful partnerships in sports. 

The task was to develop a creative gift for upper management to commemorate the ten years of partnership between adidas and the New Zealand Rugby Union / All Blacks. The recipients of this box are passionate Rugby fans who are dedicated to both their jobs and the sport. To develop a surprising new approach with accurate content was the challenge and the key objective. Our aim was to create an emotional experience for these rugby experts. 

We began the thought process with two questions: what is the essence of rugby, and how does the framework of this partnership reflect that spirit? It all starts with the ball, hence the leather bound box with a shoelace-closure. Laser-etched Maori tribal markings honor the special connection between the national team and New Zealand‘s heritage. To further convey the nature of rugby and the key values of the partnership between adidas and the NZRU we also used:

  • - studs of original rugby boots holding a Plexiglas cover with team set ups
  • - etched names of all those who dedicate their time to this partnership
  • - personalized rugby mouth guards for each recipient of the box
  • - the rubber band from the original rugby boots, holding
  • - 15 art photo prints representing 15 field players and
  • - a booklet summarizing 10 years of Pride, Passion and Partnership
  • - each chapter in the booklet representing one year, framed by a theme derived from the key values of both partners and represented by emotional rugby fotos from the respective year
  • - each chapter summarizing player statistics and marketing campaigns per year

We won several important design prices for this project, for example: Gold IF Communication Design Award 2009, Red Dot Design Award 2009 and Art Director's Club Germany Award 2009.

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