The Art Box Collection is a global artistic branding collective which originated in Berlin, Germany. We are a multi-awarded artistic branding collective who design and manufacture ultra-luxurious, exquisite personalized experiences and artistic branding solutions. The ABC captures and tells stories in emotional ways.


Hands are the subject for this first edition of the Notion Series contemplating the essence of moments, by viewing them through the prism that our hands provide. Hands of renowned and respected personalities will be found in this publication including musicians and political activists.

The Notions - Hand Edition will consist of a box that allows its consumers to use the content of the box beyond the limitations of a book publication. The box will contain individual works of various arts, from artists around the globe. The included pieces will be printed on different materials to enhance the content of the work and provide a holistic approach to the presentation.

The aim of this publication on the subject of hands is to meditate and bridge the logical connection to a good cause, supporting people who have lost their hands in West African civil wars, through landmines across the globe, as well as children in need who can be supported with art therapy involving the use of their hands respectively. Notions is currently looking for partners that can offer a global launching platform and support this process.

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