The Art Box Collection is a global artistic branding collective which originated in Berlin, Germany. We are a multi-awarded artistic branding collective who design and manufacture ultra-luxurious, exquisite personalized experiences and artistic branding solutions. The ABC captures and tells stories in emotional ways.


To commemorate the 12-year partnership between adidas and the New Zealand All Blacks, and as a special motivational gift for the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand, adidas commissioned us with the creation of a personalized and limited edition Art Box. This box was given to every player of the All Blacks Team and the NZRU management right before the Rugby World Cup.

The intricate box is made of cherry wood and has two panels with dedicated Moko designs by New Zealand artist Rangi Kipa (, laser etched into the wood on the front and back of each panel. The upper compartment of the box contains a pair of specially designed Sennheiser headphones with the t-shirt material of the All Blacks replica jersey on the outside of the headband. The lower compartment of the box contains a book, that is bound with All Blacks replica t-shirt material with the number of each player printed onto the cover. The book includes a personalized chapter for each player and summarizes the seasons from 1999 to 2011 with beautiful photographs, player statistics, marketing campaigns and highlights for each respective year.

In addition, other adidas sports ambassadors, the Spanish football world cup winning team from 2010, the French handball world cup winning team, Tyson Gay and Zinedine Zidane provided further input for this distinctive and collectable motivational gift - a lucky charm that supported the much deserved win in its own unique way.

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